About Me

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Living in New Mexico means that unusual things happened.  Having been interested in European history since taking a grand tour of Europe at the age of nine with my family, I wanted to work with European History for life.  But who can make a living doing just that?  

After working for the legislative councils in Iowa (birth place--) and Kansas, a move to Santa Fe and a job with the City Planning Division, made all things possible.  Working with historic district grants and the historic and archaeological districts allowed me to learn read Spanish (or at least some). 

In time this allowed me to use Spanish documents and then to edit and publish material on Spanish Colonial New Mexico.  Now I am working with collaborators and editing (and writing parts of) books that include transcribed and translated Spanish Colonial documents.  Being a retired land planning consultant (my own business for fifteen years), the remuneration is not so important, or, as important.   It is nice to be able to share what I have done and show off my books and articles on a web site.  So here they are.

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Iowa State University

Ames, Iowa. 

Program evaluation, administration, and cost studies. 1976.


University of North Carolina

Chapel Hill, North Carolina. 

Medieval and Renaissance history.


Iowa State University

Ames, Iowa. 

Major: european History